Storm Warning part four in Judge Dredd Megazine 364

Megazine 364

Storm Warning // The Relic
(Part: 4)

Brit-Cit, 2137 AD. Much like its Mega-City counterpart, Brit-Cit Justice Department has its various departments, from Tek to plainclothes, Tactical to Psi-Division, and one of its more prickly operatives in the latter is Lillian Storm, a psychically powerful Judge with the ability to talk to the dead. Unfortunately, her abilities are just as much a curse as they are a talent…

Get Megazine 364 at all good newsagents and comic shops today, or else pick it up via the 2000 AD website now


If you’re on Twitter then you should be following Storm Warning artist Tom Foster (@JumbleCashback) who has been posting his inks for the series as each new Meg comes out. Stuff like this:

This month’s instalment is a bit of a change of pace with a little Aliens and [REC] thrown into the mix. And when will people learn that Judge Storm doesn’t do touching?

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