Haunted Futures out now

It’s a treacherous region, the future.

You can’t see far, and the footing is uncertain at best. Ghosts and phantoms stalk the haze around you, and their chittering will lead you astray. There are no maps to this territory, but sometimes a brave soul strides out ahead into the haunted shadows. Those who return to the campfire of the now often bear tales of the visions seared into their minds while they were out there, in the mists.

We have scoured the earth for these most daring of travelers – the ones who have ventured out into the future and returned wraith-laden. Fifteen of them agreed to share their stories. Their enthralling accounts will seize you, and you might find it difficult to fight free of them afterwards, but any risks are overshadowed by the dazzling wonders that await. So muster your courage, and dive into the pages. Haunted Futures of all kinds await you, with open arms and suspiciously toothy smiles.

Edited by Salomé Jones with stories by Warren Ellis, Tricia Sullivan, Jeff Noon, SL Huang, John Reppion, Liesel Schwarz, Alex Acks, Felicity Shoulders, Lynnea Glasser,Thord D. Hedengren, Armel Dagorn, Greg Stolze, Gethin A. Lynes, Pete Rawlik, and Michael Grey, Haunted Futures is an anthology of futuristic fantasy and sci-fi.

My contribution, Greenwood Green, is the third of my Greenwood stories published so far (the first two being The Black Abbess and The Faerie Ring).

You can order Haunted Futures now via the Ghostwoods Books website.

Pre-order Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol. 2

Although not officially released until the 12th of October 2017, the second volume of our M. R. James adaptations for Self Made Hero is already available to pre-order via Amazon (Vol 1 on the Self Made Hero website).

Curl up by the fire and enter the sinister, supernatural world of Montague Rhodes James, the master of the English ghost story. An influence on writers from H.P. Lovecraft to Stephen King, James’s tales of understated horror continue to transfix readers 80 years after his death.

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Vol. 2 comprises graphic adaptations of four spine-chilling stories by M.R. James: Number 13, Count Magnus, Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad and The Treasure of Abbot Thomas. Filled with intrigue, suspense and intellectual adventure, these captivating tales of terror plunge the reader into a world of creeping dread, where rationality is challenged and the mundane collides with the supernatural.

Capturing James’s trademark atmosphere of pervasive disquiet, Leah Moore and John Reppion’s subtly crafted adaptations breathe fresh life into these stories of restless phantoms and ill-advised academic exploration.

Pre-order now via:

Charles Dickens’ The Signalman adapted by Jason Cobley and David Hitchcock

David Hitchcock is quite simply an amazing artist. Leah and I have worked with Dave a few times on UK small press things and have been trying for years to get a larger project sorted with him. We’re still trying, and very much hoping that 2018 will be the year it finally happens.

A while back he and writer Jason Cobley worked together on a GN adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story The Signalman.

If you enjoyed Vol 1 of our our M. R. James adaptations then this is going to be a book you need to get hold of.

The Signalman is £7 including P&P to the UK, £14 elsewhere. To order your copies from Dave PayPal funds to black_boar1 [at] yahoo [dot] com, or contact Jason via his website.

Craft Comic Fest in Liverpool at the end of the month

Craft Taproom is a new Liverpool bar owned and run by Merrick: The Sensational Elephant Man writer, Tom Ward, and Wart writer Chris Welsh. So, of course, they’re putting on a mini comic con.

On Saturday the 29th of April, between 11am and 4pm, there’ll be a gang of comics folk hanging out in a bar. What could possibly go wrong?

Full details on the Facebook event page.

Damsels Vol 1 out now

Once upon a time, the princesses of classic fairy tales banded together to save their kingdoms from war! Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest to foil the scheme! Who has stolen the identities of beloved heroines Rapunzel, Belle, and Talia, and plots to destroy all the Faerie races?

Damsels Vol 1 collects issues 1-8 of our gender-flipped Fairy Tale action fantasy series, originally published in 2012/13.

Read the first issue online for free on newsarama.com