Packing for Steampunk Doncaster tomorrow

Getting my bag ready for my day at Steampunk Doncaster tomorrow.

Top: notebook & pens, business cards (mine & Vagrants Among Ruins), tablet for showing Thrill Electric ads and animations.

Middle: Journeys in the Winterlands x10, Steampunk Salmagundi x20.

Bottom: Complete Dracula x4, On the Banks of the River Jordan x20, Thrill Electric flyers.

Yet to be added to the bag are various chargers, spare batteries, headphones, and my lunch. I’m also picking a couple of copies of The Trial of Sherlock Holmes on the way to the con (so that’ll be 56 books in my bag).

I’m doing a talk/reading thing in the afternoon (EDIT: 3 pm is when it’s happening, apparently) where you can pretty much ask me anything. Hope to see you there.

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