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Sometimes with Twitter, and Facebook, and Google+, and everything else, we get so used to putting bitesized chunks of information out quickly, as and when, we forget that some of the more major stuff can easily get lost amid more trivial things. So, for the benefit of those of you who might not be addicted to any of the above sites (as well as those who are but just missed any of this info as it zipped past), here are few exciting bits of Moore & Reppion news:

  • The Thrill Electric will be available on iTunes (still 100% FREE) as of next month.
  • Darklore Vol VI is coming early December 2011 (just in time for Xmas) and features an article about the mysterious prehistoric Calderstones monument here in Liverpool, written by John Reppion.
  • Moore & Reppion have just sold their first Black Museum story to 2000 AD (thanks Tharg).
  • We’re writing a brand new 8 issue series for Dynamite Entertainment (we also have our second Sherlock Holmes series – The Liverpool Demon – coming next year).

That’s all we can tell you about for now but there’s plenty more exciting news to come very soon. If you’re not one who Twits, or a Facebooker, or whatever, you might want to subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss anything. Otherwise, please keep checking the site for regular updates.

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