The Darkness Vs Eva – Daughter of Dracula

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The Darkness vs. Eva – Daughter of Dracula collection

Paperback: 104 pages
Published: 15 Oct 2008
ISBN-10: 1933305851
ISBN-13: 978-1933305851

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Dynamite Entertainment and Top Cow Productions follow-up their first crossover – Witchblade: Shades of Gray – with a titanic team-up of epic and arcane proportions.

Written by Moore & Reppion with art by Edgar Salazar.

As Jackie Estacato’s control over the Darkness teeters on collapse, Eva tracks the rogue Darklings fleeing his control and confronts Jackie himself – but not before the two of them come to the attention of Count Von Orlok, who has his sights set on both the elimination of Eva, and control of the Darkness!

Featuring the complete four issue series, along with a cover art gallery by Paul Renaud, Brett Booth and Edgar Salazar!

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