Zombies Zombies

Published: May 2007
Editors : Dave West and Colin Mathieson
168 Pages, Price: £6.00 ($9.00)

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Front cover art, Steve Bissette

Might of the Living Dead, Art and Story by Indio, (6 pages)

An Molethy a an Ny-marrow (The Curse of the Un-dead), Art by David Hitchcock, Story by Leah Moore and John Reppion, (6 pages)

Memories, Art by Leonie O’Moore, Story by Tony Hitchman, (2 pages)

Spirit of the Apocalypse, Art and Story by Benjamin Dickson, (8 pages)

Pariah, Art by Iain Laurie, Story by Jon Ayre, (5 pages)

The Zombie Interviews, Art and Story by David Baillie, (8 pages)

Z, Art by Manoel Magalhães, Story by Phil Rigby, (6 pages)

The Slow UnDeath, Art and Story by Dave West, (4 pages)

Job Satisfaction, Art and Story by Gary Crutchley, (4 pages)

Nightclub of the Living Dead, Art and Story by Chris Doherty, (4 pages)

Zombie Thespian, Art and Story by Matt Boyce, (2 pages)

One, Art by Roland Bird, Story by Darren Ellis, (5 pages)

Tom the Zom, Art and Story by James Gray, (5 pages)

The Scent of Coriander, Art by Tim Keable, Story by Andrew Cheverton, (6 pages)

Dissolution, Art and Story by Bridgeen Gillespie, (4 pages)

House of the Dead, Art and Story by Laura Howell, (6 pages)

Zombie of the Great Unwashed, Art by Paul Harrison-Davies, Story by Jason Cobley, (5 pages)

The Sweetest of Dreams, Art and Story by B.C. Sterrett, (4 pages)

Pop Zombies, Art by Natalie Sandells, Story by Andy Winter, (7 pages)

The Crypt of Romance, Art and Story by Denis St. John and Jaci June, (3 pages)

Zombies, Art by Andy Bloor, Story by Kieron Gillen, (6 pages)

Orion Star, Art and Stort by Morgan Pielli, (4 pages)

No Time to Die, Art by Dan Denholt, Story by Chris Dingsdale, (5 pages)

Attack of the Zom-Bees (Pin-up), Art by Andy Bloor

An Alphabet of Zombies, Art and Story by Steve Bissette and Daniel Bissette, (4 pages)

Tragic Kingdom, Art by Garry Brown, Story by Owen Johnson, (5 pages)

Life Goes On, Art and Story by Ant Mercer, (3 pages)

Day of the Dead Moon, Art and Story by Colin Mathieson, (6 pages)

Nomads, Art by Barry Renshaw, Story by Mark Clapham, (5 pages)

Love Is …., Art by Andrew Cheverton

Sacrifice, Art by Shaun Mooney and Nolan Worthington, Story by Kieren Brown, (9 pages)

Zombie Pin-up, Art by Matt Timson

Zombie Pin-up , Art by Paul Cartwright

Zombie Pin-up , Art by Graeme Neil Reid

Zombie Pin-up, Art by Garry Brown

Zombie Pin-up, Art by Shaun Mooney

Back Cover Art, Art by Shane Oakley


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