Zombies and murders and bears – go buy!

Got any cash burning a hole in your pocket? Here are a few items definitely worth spending a few quid on.

Defoe 1666Defoe 1666 by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher

London, 1668. It is two years since the city was devastated by the Great Fire, the inferno caused by a comet passing over the capital. But from the ashes rose the undead, hungry for the flesh of the living. Protecting the populace are zombie hunters like Titus Defoe, a former soldier who now makes it his mission to purge the ghouls.

In Leigh’s own words “This collection also features around twenty or so panels redrawn/retouched by me, so this is the “remastered” edition if you want to call it that!” so even fans of the 2000 AD strip have a good reason to pick up the book.

More info at leighgallagherart.blogspot.com

My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure – A Long Lost Tale of Mystery and Suspense, attributed by M.R. James to Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

“My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure” first appeared in the March 1864 issue of the Dublin University Magazine, which was then under the editorship of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. The DUM was a regular venue for Le Fanu’s work. The February issue contained the final instalments of his novel Wylder’s Hand, while the April issue saw the publication of “Wicked Captain Walshawe of Wauling”–“My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure” appeared in the interceding issue. Believed by M.R. James and S.M. Ellis to be the work of Le Fanu, “My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure” shares many motifs, themes, and effects found in the Irish author’s work. This new edition will feature commentary on the story and its authorship by two leading Le Fanu scholars, Jim Rockhill (introduction and annotations) and Gary W. Crawford (afterword).

Published by Brian J. Showers’ Swan River Press these A5, hand-sewn chapbooks are limited to just 200 copies. Order yours now from www.brianjshowers.com!

Stuff of Legend The Stuff of Legend by Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III

The year is 1944. An allied force advances along a war-torn beach in a strange land, outnumbered and far from home. Together, they fight the greatest evil they have ever known. Never ending waves of exotic enemies come crashing down on them, but they will not rest. Thousands of miles away, the world is on the brink of destruction. But here in a child’s bedroom in Brooklyn, our heroes, a small group of toys loyal to their human master, fight an unseen war to save him from every child’s worst nightmare.

TSOL Book 1, Vol 1 has already sold out (and deservedly so)! Don’t worry though – they’ve gone to re-print.

Visit www.th3rdworld.com for more info.

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Reviews My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure
A Long Lost Tale of Mystery and Suspense,
Attributed by M.R. James to Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

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