Accent UK


Founded in 2000, Accent UK is a privately owned comic publisher based in Cheshire in the United Kingdom.

Owners Colin Mathieson and Dave West collect the talents of the UK Independent Comic publishing community, along with guests from overseas, producing an annual themed anthology, as well as producing comics off their own.

Allowing the product to evolve each year, has seen an improvement in the over all quality of the comics produced as all involved hone their skills, and better use is made of technology, designers and printers.

Andy Bloor has stepped in as Art Director, overseeing all design aspects of the comics and graphic novels. Bringing both a more professional look to each book and building a consistent Accent UK design feel to all of their output.


Moore & Reppion have been contributing to Accent UK’s yearly anthologies since 2006.

Monsters Zombies Robots Western


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