Apologies and info dumps

Sorry. No really, sorry.

We’ve really not been keeping on top of posting things here for a while now, and we’re sorry.

Leah’s incredibly busy with Electricomics (and the now impending launch thereof ) and has been for what seems like a very long to now. It’s also the school Summer Holidays which means a host of children to constantly feed, placate, and entertain here at Moore-Reppion Towers.

Anyway, yeah, we’re very busy and we haven’t stayed on top of updating the site. So sorry about that.

What have we missed telling you about?

Megazine 362 with it’s amazing Alex Ronald Storm Warning cover and part 2 of the series


Storm Warning // The Relic
(Part: 2)

Brit-Cit, 2137 AD. Much like its Mega-City counterpart, Brit-Cit Justice Department has its various departments, from Tek to plainclothes, Tactical to Psi-Division, and one of its more prickly operatives in the latter is Lillian Storm, a psychically powerful Judge with the ability to talk to the dead. Unfortunately, her abilities are just as much a curse as they are a talent…

People seem to be really enjoying the series (and especially Tom’s artwork) which is lovely to hear/read.

Leah was recently a guest on that lovely, talented man Paul Cornell’s podcast chat show The Cornell Collective

Welcome to the Cornell Collective. Paul’s guests are novelist Chuck Wendig, comics writer Leah Moore and YouTube presenter Christel Dee. Together they discuss people who have made them starstruck, being recognised by strangers, how parenthood affects pop culture consumption and how to bluff your way through not having actually watched Breaking Bad.

Leah’s also had a few new Lifetime articles published recently, and she’s off to Mexico next month (9th to the 13th of September) for the Pixelatl Festival (so if you, or anyone you know, are anywhere near Cuernavaca city next month, please check it out).

I think that’s about it but more than likely I’ve forgotten a couple of things yet again.


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