The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Mazes out now

The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Mazes

M.R. James’s 1911 tale, “Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance”, is one of the most famous maze short stories, if not the most famous.

Editor Rosemary Pardoe has chosen eight supernatural maze stories to reprint, all of them taken from small press journals and books, and some of them never previously reprinted.

The mazes range from unicursal turf through puzzle hedge to modern crop examples; one tale is a prequel to “Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance”.

The second part of this volume consists of six brand new stories which range even more widely, from a Roman mosaic maze to a mirror maze at the top of a high-rise office block.

All of the stories have a folklore, folk custom and/or antiquarian background.

So, fourteen supernatural maze stories by some fabulous authors of folk horror and ghostly, ghastly, spooky tales of terror.

Stories: “As Blank as the Days Yet to Be” by Mark Valentine, “The Maze” by Michael Chislett, “My Dancing Days are Over” by Paul StJohn Mackintosh, “The Outsider” by Rick Kennett, “The Rustling of Tiny Paws” by Carole Tyrrell, “The Maze” by Geoffrey Warburton, “The Faerie Ring” by John Reppion, “The Maze at Huntsmere” by Reggie Oliver, “The Lost Maze*” by Helen Grant, “Mr Rhodes and the Crawshay Inheritance,*” by Katherine Haynes, “Real Estate*” by C.E. Ward, “The Air of Glory*” by John Howard, “Mouselode Maze*” by Christopher Harman and “The Mosaic Maze*” by Victoria Day.

Edited & Introduced by Rosemary Pardoe.

*previously unpublished and original to this volume.

THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF MAZES is a Hand Numbered Limited Edition Jacketed Hardcover.

Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style), Foil Blocked to Spine, Lithographically Printed on Quality 80gsm White Paper, Coloured Endpapers, Section Sewn Binding & Head/Tailbands.

Approx 192pp including introduction, prelims etc.

Wrap Dust-Jacket Art by Paul Lowe.

Publication currently scheduled for mid-late March 2020.


(inclusive of Postage & Packing)

UK: UK £35.00

Europe: 45,00 euros

USA & Rest of World: US $60.00


E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.

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