Journeys in the Winterlands

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Three writers. Three stories. The end of one world.

Nine years ago, the Earth struggled in the throes of an industrial revolution. Steam trains scythed across the countryside, and great aerostats drifted lazily across the skies. The cities swelled with factory-smoke and bilge-water while people thrived or starved in their streets.

On All Souls Day, that all changed. A great star fell into the sky, bringing a perpetual twilight that turned most of the population against each other—twisting men and women into the ferocious, sky-mad Affected. When the star finally disappeared, the world froze. Now, Callista trudges across the icy wastes in search of her mentor: everyman-turned-folk-hero The Web of the North, who might just be the last frozen glimmer of hope that she has left.

Allegra Hawksmoor, John Reppion and Dylan Fox come together for an exercise in collective storytelling and world-building that will lead you into the ruins of factories submerged beneath the ice, probe the wrecks of burned-out airships, and provide a glimpse into minds and the deranged communities of the Affected and Unaffected that struggle to survive out in the snow.

Flip down the sky-guards on your goggles, and step into the

Available in hardcopy chapbook (53 pages at A5 size–printed on recycled papers by the Footprint Workers Co-Operative in Leeds), or in a number of digital formats for e-reader, Mac, PC etc. Hardcopies ship worldwide from the UK.


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