2000 AD Sci-Fi Special – John Reppion & Clint Langley talk Black Storm!

It’s 20 years this year since 2000 AD and Rebellion came together and we’re celebrating with the 100-page 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special!

Alongside a handful of classic Rebellion era Thrills, there are four special strips from the likes of Al Ewing, Dan Abnett, Clint Langley, and Steve Yeowell (to name but a few) that bring together characters from the pre and post-Rebellion era. archive. Have you ever wondered just what would happen when Judge Dredd met Zombo, or Gene The Hackman and Shako faced off? Well, this is your chance to find out Squaxx dek Thargos!

But right now, join us in talking to John Reppion and Clint Langley, the team bringing the intergalactic gladiator action to Brit-Cit with Storm Warning vs Blackhawk.

Interview at 2000ad.com

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