On Being a Creative Parent.

No I don’t mean Sellotaping your children to skateboards so you can get round ASDA in under four hours.

I mean being Creative, and at the same time, being a Parent, to children, whom you also created. There is a laboured metaphor in there somewhere but you can unpack it yourself. Its beyond me.

When you are a writer, there is a mighty struggle to get yourself sat in the chair in front of the keyboard and actually write the thing. Whether you are a full time, part time, evenings or weekend writer, you will experience Days of Much Writing and days where it is torturous to put fingers to keyboard at all. You may have complex mechanisms in place to try and achieve more Days of Much Writing and less Days of No Writing. You may have a system that just works. You are a writing machine. A Writing Express Train barrelling toward that deadline at supercharged lighting speed! Yay you!

Oh wait, you’re pregnant? Your partner is? Not long to go, just finished the nursery, all excited…wow. Okay. Settle down now. You need to hear this, my writer-soon-to-be-parent.

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Introducing: the Winterlands

tree snowflake 2

Over on the Vagrants Among Ruins site, Ms. Hawksmoor has recently posted a piece about the upcoming Journeys in the Winterlands collection and its genesis.

You can read the blog at http://www.amongruins.org/?p=214

I am very, very excited to be a part of (one third of, to be exact) the collection and will be posting more about it here very soon.

John Reppion’s Cabinet of Curiousities on Yo Liverpool

For the last couple of months I’ve been writing a (semi) regular posts over at Yo Liverpool about weird history, forteana, folklore and other fun stuff related to Liverpool and Merseyside.

The forum is called John Reppion’s Cabinet of Curiosities and should be of interest to anyone who has enjoyed 800 Years of Haunted Liverpool and/or any of my other articles.

At present I’m only managing a couple of posts per month and, to be honest, that’s probably how it will stay for the foreseeable future but hopefully that will be enough to keep you coming back.

Guest Blog on WarrenEllis.com – Casting a Circle

Warren Ellis says…

Guest informant @johnreppion on invisible circles & maps, family, nightmares & history. Brilliant.

Autumnal Equinox 2010 – half a year gone already

t  3.09 am (Greenwich Mean Time) tomorrow morning the centre of our Sun will be in the same plane as our planet’s equator and the Summer will officially turn to Autumn. There will also, for the first time in nine years, be a full moon in the sky to see in the new season. The Harvest Moon appears larger than other full moons and often takes on a reddish tinge… but it’s too cloudy here to see it at the moment, sadly.

2010 seems to be flying past and it feels rather weird not to have had anything new out since May (not counting collections). Rest assured that we’re still working our arses off, cracking on with Sherlock Holmes – The Liverpool Demon, and preparing for that very, very, very exciting project we keep mentioning but not telling you anything about. Alright, how about this as a tiny bit more info – in addition to Windflower Studio, we’ll also be working with the wonderful Emma Vieceli. Excited now? You should be!

Who would have thought that it would take us two years from the picture to the left was taken at Thought Bubble Leeds to fulfil our ambitions of working with both Leigh Gallagher and Ms. Vieceli… and that no-one would get to read any of it until 2011… Ah well.

We have been proofing scripts and indeed artwork for that Mike Raicht penned Dynamite follow up series we mentioned not so long ago and it looks like #1 of that should be hitting the stands soon (we’d like to think around Halloween, but that’s not definite). It’d be nice to be able to show you a bit of that but we can’t really. No honestly, we can’t. Well, I mean… okay, look… so long as you don’t tell anyone, yeah? Alright.