Free Comic Book Day 2013 – free stuff from us

Today at your local comic shop, amongst dozens of other free titles, you can pick up #0 of Matt Sturges and Jean-Paul Deshong’s  Damsels prequel/spin-off mini Mermaids

Meanwhile, right here you can get two free retro-styled sci-fi,  pulp detective  Deadeye stories by us and Matt Timson.

And, of course, all 160 pages of our Victorian techno Soap Opera The Thrill Electric are still available for free online and via iTunes for iOS.

Free comics, just for you. Enjoy.

The Thrill Electric Unity Award 2012 finalist

The Unity Awards exist to honor the best content being created with Unity. Winners in eight categories will be announced at the annual awards ceremony to be held at Unite 2012 on Thursday, August 23rd.

Unity Award finalists display some of the best and brightest professional and amateur talent within the video game industry across platforms from iOS and Facebook to PlayStation 3 and PC.

The Thrill Electric is nominated in the Best Non-Game category. More info at

Making the Thrill Electric on

The Thrill Electric, the digital comic we created with Hat Trick Digital, was one of our most technically challenging projects. Each of the ten episodes features hundreds of images, camera effects and animations, integrated videos, music and sound effects – and all in a stunning interactive 3D environment. This is all possible due to the comic engine we built from scratch for this project, which we’ve nicknamed Lumi.

Read the rest on

Thrill Electric review on The Lottery Party

A truly lovely review of Thrill appeared over on today.

As I type, Emma Vieceli, Littleloud, Hat Trick, and Channel 4 Education are all attending the Broadcast Digital Awards in London and are waiting to find out if we’ve won Best Website… we’ll keep you posted.

The Thrill Electric nominated in 2012 Broadcast Digital Awards

We’re incredibly pleased to learn that The Thrill Electric has been nominated for Best Website in the 2012 Broadcast Digital Awards

The full list of Best Website Nominees:

Best Website / Beaver Falls, Stardotstar for E4
Channel 4 Weather website, Clusta and Channel 4 for Channel 4
Sexperience, Mint Digital for Channel 4
Something Special Out and About, Aardman Digital for CBeebies
Thrill Electric, Littleloud and Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4, Horse & Country TV

Can we really hope to beat Mr. Tumble himself? Winners will be announced on the 20th of June. Fingers crossed.

The Thrill Electric now FREE on iTunes

At long last the wait is over. The Thrill Electric is now FREE to read on iPad and iPhone via iTunes.

Please download, enjoy, rate, reblog, retweet, comment, email, spread the word. Go, go, GO! free ten-part (150 page) enhanced comic is set in Victorian Manchester and demonstrates the extraordinary parallels between the Internet Age and the Telegraph Age.

Beautifully realised by Emma Vieceli, Windflower Studio, and LittleLoud,  and scripted by Leah Moore and John Reppion, the story weaves around the exciting lives of the young women and men working at The Electrical and International Telegraph Company and tackles 21st Century issues such as gang culture, cyber bullying, coming out and on-line flirtations!

The Thrill Electric also features stunning animations, loads of contextual information, and a secret code that unlocks a hidden storyline. Produced by Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4 education.

The Thrill Electric Episode 10: The Thrill Electric online now – cover by Fez baker

Click on the awesome Fez baker cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric site and read the final episode.

Sorry we’re so late in posting this here but we had quite a rough build up to the festive season and then a mad dash to get everything sorted for our own family Christmas.

We really, really hope you’ve enjoyed The Thrill Electric; it was an absolute pleasure for us to work on and we’re very proud of it. Thanks so much to everyone involved at Hat Trick, Channel 4, LittleLoud and especially Windflower Studio (and, of course, Emma Vieceli).

100% FREE iPhone and iPad version of TTE coming  in January 2012!

The Thrill Electric Episode 9: The Soul of Language online now – cover by Nina-Serena

Click on the fantastic Nina-Serena cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric site and read the penultimate episode.

The Thrill Electric Episode 8: Where Angels Fear to Tread online now – cover by Alex Newton

Click on the fantastic Alex Newton cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric site and read episode eight.

The Thrill Electric Episode 7: Love and War online now – cover by Kit Buss

Click on the beautiful Kit Buss cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric site and read episode seven.

Coming soon… [revised, updated and fixed]

Sometimes with Twitter, and Facebook, and Google+, and everything else, we get so used to putting bitesized chunks of information out quickly, as and when, we forget that some of the more major stuff can easily get lost amid more trivial things. So, for the benefit of those of you who might not be addicted to any of the above sites (as well as those who are but just missed any of this info as it zipped past), here are few exciting bits of Moore & Reppion news:

  • The Thrill Electric will be available on iTunes (still 100% FREE) as of next month.
  • Darklore Vol VI is coming early December 2011 (just in time for Xmas) and features an article about the mysterious prehistoric Calderstones monument here in Liverpool, written by John Reppion.
  • Moore & Reppion have just sold their first Black Museum story to 2000 AD (thanks Tharg).
  • We’re writing a brand new 8 issue series for Dynamite Entertainment (we also have our second Sherlock Holmes series – The Liverpool Demon – coming next year).

That’s all we can tell you about for now but there’s plenty more exciting news to come very soon. If you’re not one who Twits, or a Facebooker, or whatever, you might want to subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss anything. Otherwise, please keep checking the site for regular updates.

The Thrill Electric Episode 6: Shock City online now – cover by Andie Tong

Click on the Andie Tong cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric site and read episode six.

FREE comics!

On Monday we put two stories of our creator owned (along with artist Matt Timson) project Deadeye online  at and the response so far  has been pretty amazing with more than 2,000 people visiting the page at If you’ve read and enjoyed the Deadeye stories please do leave a comment below or let us know what you thought via our twitters (on the right).

Both stories were originally published a few years back in Popgun Vol 1 & 2 and, as much as all three of us always intended to do so much more with our tales of Los Muertes PI Scott Strulbrug, the opportunity has yet to arise for us to do so. 

 So, if any publishers out there like what they’ve seen, please do get in touch and let’s see if we can’t breathe some new life into Deadeye.

———————-, besides those 15 pages of Deadeye, don’t forget there will be 150 pages of The Thrill Electric 100% free online to read at your leisure.

We’re just 5 episodes (75 pages) into the series so far so there’s plenty of time for you to catch up with our digitally enhanced Victorian techno-drama based in the Manchester branch of the Electric and International Telegraph Company.  Sex! Violence! Telegraphy! The Thrill Electric has it all (and tomorrow’s ep really has quite a lot of all three).

Go to and get stuck in.

The Thrill Electric Episode 5: As one Door Closes online now – cover by Kate Brown

Click on the cover by Kate Brown above to jump to the Thrill Electric website and read episode five.

Thought Bubble Leeds this weekend

Thought Bubble Comic Con takes place in Leeds this coming weekend and we’re really looking forward to it.

We’ve got ourselves a table in Saville’s Hall (number 37) where we’ll be signing and handing out Thrill Electric goodies. We’ll also, hopefully, have some books to sell too… we’ll keep you posted on that Yes we’ll have copies of The Trial of Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Alice in Wonderland, Raise the Dead and The Complete Dracula on sale Sat & Sun.

On Sunday we’ll also be taking part in this panel:


15:00 – 15:45, Alea Cinema Room 18+

Comics as a medium are changing on a near daily basis – what does the future hold? Discussion with Leah Moore, John Reppion, Paul Duffield, Kate Brown, and Emma Vieceli on the increasing prevalence of digital processes in modern comics, the new and upcoming technologies, and how comics as an industry is changing.

If you can get to Leeds for any or all of the con then you should definitley do so; Thought Bubble is always awesome.

The Thrill Electric Episode 4: Bad Shilling now online – cover by Gary Erskine

Click on Gary Erskine’s cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric website and read episode four.


For some reason we’ve so far completely failed to point out that every episode of The Thrill Electric has it’s own cover drawn by a proper A list guest artist. The amazing Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired cover for ep 3 above is by none-other than comic book superstar Gary Erskine.

I will now go back and edit the previous entries so that they include cover credits but, just so you don’t have to trawl through the site to get all the info thus far; the stunning cover for ep 1 is by Becky Cloonan, ep 2’s beautiful front page  by Thrill Team’s own Emma Vieceli, and ep 3’s wonderful image is by Robert Hack.

Hi-res versions of covers (along with concept art, and cover art for the issues yet to come) are available to download from:

Director’s Commentary for TTE #3 on Forbidden Planet

Recently the formidable partnership of Leah Moore and John Reppion, along with the sparkly Emma Vieceli and the Windflower Studio collective came together with Channel 4 to create the intriguing enhanced online comic The Thrill Electric, a heady mixture of Steampunk, history, the growth of technology and its impact on our lives and gender issues. The series is ongoing online right now – last week Matthew interviewed John and Leah about the series and today we have another treat for you as the guys give us a quick director’s commentary for part three – over to John and Leah:

Interview on Forbidden Planet Blog

Occasional Forbidden Planet International blog contributor Matt Badham recently decided to have a chat with scriptwriting team Leah Moore and John Reppion about their latest project, The Thrill Electric, which just started posting on Channel 4’s site last week. The result was the following interview:

The Thrill Electric Episode 3: Graveyard Shift online now – cover by Robert Hack

Click on Robert Hack’s cover above to jump to the Thrill Electric website and read episode three.