Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 reviewed on the Forbidden Planet blog

There are four tales here, each illustrated by a different artist. Number 13 by George Kambadais, Count Magnus by Abigail Larson, Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come To You, My Lad, by Al Davison and The Treasure of Abbot Thomas by Meghan Hetrick. M R James was a master of crafting short, unsettling stories, and these are just the right length to establish the story and, just as important for a James tale, the atmosphere. Because James, as with Poe, it’s as much about that atmosphere, from the seemingly mundane to the first inkling that something isn’t quite right, then that slow building sense of unease that grows into dread then fear as those hints of movement in the shadows manifest.

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Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 reviewed in Starburst Magazine

The very first review of Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 is up now on the Starburst Magazine website (and we’re very pleased to say it’s a great one).

The book also got a nice little mention on recently.

Lots more to come before Halloween and Christmas.

Bookmarks 6th June 2014

This is pretty much an info/link dump I’m afraid, but if you’re looking at this site it’s all stuff you should find interesting. Apologies if you’ve already seen all this via Twitter but I suppose that’s the way things go these days.

Alan Moore discusses ELECTRICOMICS in the Guardian


Dinosaurs and Dragon Bones – a new article by John on Daily Grail


How to feed the 5000 and still have money for other stuff – a new piece by Leah on Lifetime UK


John interviews heavy instrumental duo Khuda for the Sleeping Shaman


John reviews Khuda’s ‘Molasses Constricts The Clinostat’ for the Sleeping Shaman


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Bleeding Cool review – Damsels # 7 Charges Towards Arc’s Finale

Damsels 7

It’s no secret that Dynamite Entertainment’s series Damsels has been clever from its outset in 2012, taking the cloying appropriation of fairytale princesses in pop culture and children’s literature not only back to its darker roots, but into dialogue with each other to create a complex new, but familiar, world. The comic has always been laced with inside jokes about literary tradition without being precious about them and thereby has preserved a sense of energy and discovery in readership.

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Sherlock Holmes – the Liverpool Demon 2 out now

Liverpool Demon newspaper clipping

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Advance reviews

  • This creative team is presenting this tale as intelligently as conceivably possible, with gorgeously profound art and captivating aims. – The Lottery Party
  • Overall, The Liverpool Demon continues to be a very good Sherlock Holmes read. Longtime fans can enjoy another good story with a new take on the title character while whole new readers can read what could be their first Homles story. – Unleash the Fanboy


Reviews for Sherlock Holmes – The Liverpool Demon #1

Moore & Reppion aren’t the only comic book writers to tackle Holmes and Watson but I daresay they’ve done the best job of it – What’cha Reading?

These characters are supremely well-represented, and the maturity of story and art combined makes this one of the best comics on the stands right now, from anyone – The Lottery Party

The pacing of the story is solid, with an excellent attention to visual detail, a careful consideration of historicity, and, perhaps most importantly, it creates a driving sense of curiosity that keeps readers, like Holmes, in pursuit of the truth – The Beat

If you’re a Holmes fan do yourself a favor and check it out – iFanboy

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1 is everything you could want from a Sherlock Holmes story, really touching on all the necessary components to create a story of which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have been proud – Geeks of Doom

The writing has a great hold of the title character and Watson, this issue proves these guys will never be too old-fashioned for a modern audience – Unleash the Fanboy

I love it when writers have done their research, and it surely seems to be the case here. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this story – The Fellowship of the Geeks

Excellent – iFanboy

Sherlock Holmes – The Liverpool Demon #1 advance review and interview on The Beat

We’re currently in the midst of a long-running Sherlock Holmes media explosion, from the Guy Ritchie films starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, to the hit BBC series SHERLOCK, and the American approach ELEMENTARY, however comics have plenty to add to the Holmes mythology, and Leah Moore and John Reppion are poised to release a new arc of their series SHERLOCK HOLMES this Wednesday, December 12, with “The Liverpool Demon” #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. The comics medium may even prove to be a more satisfying approach to the great detective, with its ability to conjure mood, give detailed characterization, and draw on the literary traditions established by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Reviews for Damsels #3

Damsels #3 is a solid comic book that continues to push its narrative forward as the creative teams ushers in its next logical phase.  Recommended.Unleash the Fanboy

If you’re looking for something different to read, you should give Damsels a shot.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing if it can continue to improve in my view in the next few issues. – Entertainment Fuse

Damsels is a Dynamite comic featuring women in fairy tales being awesome. Seriously—whether they’re evil and plotty, amnesiac and running, or fugitive and fighting, they are awesome. – Collecting Dust

With 3 issues from Dynamite Comics this is an interesting place to visit, rich with medieval mythology from the old country. – Hell Yeah Superman n Wonderwoman

Damsels 2 reviewed on The Lottery Party

Team Mooreppion continue spinning their web well, with the rich mythology of this new world coming to form in teasing piecemeal. The world grows, as does its history, creating a sweet buildup for where this is heading. Their scene flow is so delicate and organic especially. It’s all very fun and brightly sharp.

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Damsels #2 reviewed on Unleash the Fanboy

When I opened this comic book to begin my review, I can honestly say I didn’t really know what to expect from this second outing.  Would it maintain the quality of the first issue or would it start to falter?  Thankfully it does neither as it forges ahead tilling it’s own ground as the narrative scope of this series matures and expands.

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More reviews for Damsels #1

There are most assuredly some story beats in play here far from the long list of familiar tropes in mainstream comics, and I think it’s all off to a wonderful start. – The Lottery Party

Damsels #1 reads like one of the best set-up stories I have read in recent timesBroken Frontier

Moore & Reppion’s take of classic fairytale is as fun and irreverent as we always wished they would be! – Cosmic Book News

Damsels #1 is a very entertaining first issue that easily earns a recommendation. – Unleash the Fanboy


Advance review of Damsels #1 on ICv2

Leah Moore and John Reppion, aided by some beautiful art by Aneke, do a remarkable job of creating a richly realized fairy tale world that manages to avoid most of the genre’s more obvious clichés and uses its characters in surprising ways. Damsels is a fantasy likely to appeal to the widest possible audience.

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Advance review of Damsels #1 on Bleeding Cool

There’s been a rash of fairytales-in-the-real-world of late from Fables to Grimm to Once Upon A Time, but this is not that. This is closer to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld or Shrek, just not so played for laughs.

We have trolls under bridges keeping the city moving, we have markets selling fairies as pets – though they can also be used as possible assassins. And rather than stories trying to play their way out, we instead have characters trying to make their own way in the world, while kings, queens and princesses get on with whatever they get on with.

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Thrill Electric review on The Lottery Party

A truly lovely review of Thrill appeared over on today.

As I type, Emma Vieceli, Littleloud, Hat Trick, and Channel 4 Education are all attending the Broadcast Digital Awards in London and are waiting to find out if we’ve won Best Website… we’ll keep you posted.