Spirits of Place in the Independent online

Recently I spoke to David M. Barnett about psychogeography and Spirits of Place for the Independent online.

Not far from where I live there’s a landscape that’s soaked in apocalyptic imagery. Thornton is a wild and sometimes bleak place, on the hills above Bradford, where the Brontë sisters were born before moving to Haworth, the place they’re more usually associated with, six miles away.

Thornton is farmland and scrub, beautiful in the summer sun, foreboding and often impassable in the depths of winter. There’s a place called World’s End View, from where you feel it really is possible to sit out the apocalypse. There are scattered communities with Biblical names… Egypt, Jerusalem, and Jericho, which even had its own monstrous walls in the Victorian era, massive ramparts that edged the road through and held back the mountains of waste from the stone quarries.

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John interviewed about Spirits of Place for Technoccult

Magical techno-futurist, Spirits of Place contributor, and generally lovely guy  Damien Williams conducted a Tarot interview with me about the project, it’s origins and it’s future. You can read the full interview at technoccult.net

Copies of the limited, signed edition of  Spirits of Place are still available HERE

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John interviewed in Scream issue 37

Cover37bannerP. M. Buchan (Bucky, we call him) interviewed me for his regular Horror Comics bit in the always horrible (in a good way) Scream Magazine #37.

In the interview I talk about Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 1, H. P. Lovecraft, and my Greenwood writing, among other things. I also seem to have acquired a new nickname, which I’m not sure I’m happy with…

john scream

The print edition is already sold out on the Scream website, but if you’re in the UK you can pick up copies in HMV among other places. You can also get digital copies via magzter.com