Haunted Futures available for pre-order

Ghostwoods Books’ Haunted Futures, featuring Warren Ellis, Tricia Sullivan, Jeff Noon, Liesel Schwarz, Felicity Shoulders, SL Huang, and me, is coming in May.

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    Haunted Futures coming soon from Ghostwoods Books

    A new Greenwood story (first two published in Black Wings V and Uncertainties Vol 1) will be part of Ghostwoods Books’ forthcoming HAUNTED FUTURES anthology.

    It’s a treacherous region, the future.

    You can’t see far, and the footing is uncertain at best. Ghosts and phantoms stalk the haze around you, and their chittering will lead you astray. There are no maps to this territory, but sometimes a brave soul strides out ahead into the haunted shadows. Those who return to the campfire of the now often bear tales of the visions seared into their minds while they were out there, in the mists.

    We have scoured the earth for these most daring of travelers – the ones who have ventured out into the future and returned wraith-laden. Fifteen of them agreed to share their stories. Their enthralling accounts will seize you, and you might find it difficult to fight free of them afterwards, but any risks are overshadowed by the dazzling wonders that await. So muster your courage, and dive into the pages. Haunted Futures of all kinds await you, with open arms and suspiciously toothy smiles.

    Cthulhu Lives! now available as an audiobook

    Years and years ago, inspired in no small way by Brian J. Showers’ wonderful book The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories, I wrote a little thing which was micro published by the man’s very own Swan River Press. It was supposed to be part of an collection which never quite came together.

    Years later, I saw that Ghostwoods Books were looking for Lovecraftian submissions for a new anthology they were putting together. I submitted the same story and, with a few minor edits, it was accepted.

    Cthulhu Lives! came out in 2014 and my own, by now several years old, tale On the Banks of the River Jordan was included among the fine tales by the likes of Michael Grey, Greg Stolze, and others.

    Now, the book has been released as an audio download read by Leeman Kessler and the always wonderful Alasdair Stuart.

    It’s just $8 for seventeen stories plus extras and is available from audio.gwdbooks.com

    (Update: Cthulhu Lives! is now also available on Audible, US: UK: )

    A last minute Moore & Reppion Christmas

    If you’re anything like us you’re just beginning to realise that it’s going to to be Christmas soon and you need to buy presents. Now. So you’re looking at the internet and wondering what you can get that’s actually going to arrive in time.

    Well, we’re here to help because I’ve drawn up a list, complete with handy links, of all the latest Moore & Reppion stuff you can order online right now. No need to thank me.

    In the Company of Sherlock HolmesWhat would happen if you asked sixteen top writers who don’t normally write about Sherlock Holmes, to write about Sherlock Holmes?  What if you wrote to them, saying:

    In 19th century England, a new kind of hero—a consulting detective—blossomed in the mind of an underemployed doctor and ignited the world’s imagination.  In the thirteen decades since A Study in Scarlet first appeared,  countless variations on that theme have been played, from Mary Russell to Greg House, from ‘Basil of Baker Street’ to the new BBC Holmes-in-the-Internet-age.

    Now, you don’t generally “do” Sherlock Holmes.  Which is precisely why we’re writing, because we suspect that you have in the back of your mind a story that plays a variation on the Holmes theme.

    All we ask is that you let the Holmes stories inspire you.  You might want to write a straight Holmes pastiche, or a graphic story, or a tale about Mycroft or Mrs Hudson or Billy the page.  The story may take place in Victorian Baker Street, or in Mughal India—or on the first manned flight to Mars.  Perhaps the plot takes inspiration from a Conan Doyle tale?  Or your detective suspects that his case is related to one Holmes faced?  Or…

    Why, you’d have: In the Company of Sherlock Holmes.

    In the Company of Sherlock Holmes features The Problem of the Empty Slipper by Moore & Reppion, Chris Doherty, and Adam Cadwell.

    In the Company of Sherlock Holmes on Amazon.co.uk
    In the Company of Sherlock Holmes on Amazon.com


    In Crimes & Punishments, become Sherlock Holmes and use your impressive talents as a detective to solve six thrilling and varied cases: murders, missing persons, spectacular thefts and numerous investigations that sometimes lead you into the realms of the fantastic. The great freedom of action in Crimes & Punishments allows you to conduct your investigations in the manner you deem appropriate. Choose the leads you wish to pursue, interrogate your suspects and, from your deductions, name the guilty parties… and determine their fate wisely, as surprising consequences may arise where you least expect them.

    Moore & Reppion wrote some of the mysteries for the game (the one set in the Roman Baths, and the one set in the Botanical Gardens, and others which we’re not sure if they have been included).
    Crimes and Punishments on Amazon.co.uk
    Crimes and Punishments on Amazon.com

    Legends of Red Sonja In this unique collection, ongoing Red Sonja series writer Gail Simone hand-picked eleven of the fiercest, most talented, and most popular female writers from the worlds of comics, prose, games, and television, to help her tell the greatest legends in the She-Devil’s long history! A group of savage mercenaries hired to hunt and kill Sonja come across campfire tales of her at every turn… and Sonja does not like to be hunted. – Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Marjorie M. Liu, Nancy A. Collins, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rhianna Pratchett, and many more tell fascinating bits of Sonja’s legend, with a wrap-around tale by Simone herself, and art by the likes of Phil Noto, Jim Calafiore, Jack Jadson, and others. – Collects Legends of Red Sonja issues #1-5, the script to issue #1, concept art by Jack Jadson, and more!

    Leah Moore wrote a story for the book which was illustrated by Tula Lotay.
    Legends of Red Sonja on Amazon.co.uk
    Legends of Red Sonja on Amazon.com

    Vampire DiariesElena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new collection that includes digital chapters #1-39 of their adventures! This anthology graphic novel will bring some of comics’ greatest talents to Mystic Falls and set them loose to bring the characters to life. Or death.

    Moore & Reppion wrote three stories for the book, illustrated by George Kambadais, and Beni Lobel.

    The Vampire Diaries on Amazon.co.uk
    The Vampire Diaries on Amazon.com

    Cthulhu Lives!

    At the time of his death in 1937, American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft was virtually unknown. The power of his stories was too great to contain, however. As the decades slipped by, his dark visions laid down roots in the collective imagination of mankind, and they grew strong. Now Cthulhu is a name known to many and, deep under the seas, Lovecraft’s greatest creation becomes restless…
    This volume brings together seventeen masterful tales of cosmic horror inspired by Lovecraft’s work. In his fiction, humanity is a tiny, accidental drop of light and life in the endless darkness of an uncaring universe – a darkness populated by vast, utterly alien horrors. Our continued survival relies upon our utter obscurity, something that every fresh scientific wonder threatens to shatter.

    The dazzling stories in Cthulhu Lives! show the disastrous folly of our arrogance. We think ourselves the first masters of Earth, and the greatest, and we are very badly mistaken on both counts. Inside these covers, you’ll find a lovingly-curated collection of terrors and nightmares, of catastrophic encounters to wither the body and blight the soul. We humans are inquisitive beings, and there are far worse rewards for curiosity than mere death.

    The truth is indeed out there – and it hungers.

    John Reppion’s story On the Banks of the River Jordan features in the book.

    Cthulhu Lives! on Ghostwoods Books

    If you’re in the UK, you might also like to check out our own little online shop at moorereppion.bigcartel.com. Sadly, if you’re outside Britain, stuff from our shop probably won’t reach you now until the New Year.

    Forthcoming Cthulhu Lives! anthology now with afterword by S. T. Joshi

    I am thrilled to be able to announce that world-renowned Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi has written an afterword for Ghostwoods Books‘ forthcoming Lovecraftian anthology Cthulhu Lives!

    Cthulhu Lives updated cover

    Coming from Ghostwoods Books on the 26th of August 2014, Cthulhu Lives! is an anthology of cosmic horror stories with a modern sensibility.

    H. P. Lovecraft’s influence is alive and well in the contemporary literature of not only America but other English speaking cultures. In this anthology, the ultra modern and the traditional combine in tribute to the timelessness of Mr. Lovecraft’s work.

    Edited by Salome Jones, featuring new mythos stories by Piers Beckley, Michael Grey, Tim Dedopulos, G. K. Lomax, Adam Vidler, Iain Lowson, E. Dane Anderson, Helmer Gorman, Gábor Csigás, Lynne Hardy, Greg Stolze, Marc Reichardt, Peter Tupper, Jeremy Clymer, Joff Brown, Gethin A. Lynes, and myself, the book also boasts an introduction from Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft fame.

    Cthulhu Lives will be available for pre-order via Amazon next month. In the meantime visit the Ghostwoods Books website, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter.

    Coming soon…

    Legend of Red Sonja #3 Legends of Red Sonja #3

    This bold experiment in anthology storytelling continues as the GREY RIDERS continue their quest to hunt and kill Red Sonja, but is she truly guilty of the horrendous crimes she is accused of? Spectacular short stories by Rhianna (Tomb Raider) Pratchett, Leah (Damsels, Sherlock Holmes) Moore, Nicola (Earth Two, Secret Six) Scott, and series regular Gail (Batgirl) Simone.

    Available January 22nd from Dynamite Entertainment


    Thrills of the Future: Black Shuck Nine part historic horror action fantasy Black Shuck, written by Moore & Reppion with art by Steve “Zenith” Yeowell coming to the pages of 2000 AD soon.


    Cthulhu Lives - Ghostwoods BooksCthulhu Lives! anthology coming soon from Ghostwoods Books featuring On the Banks of the River Jordan.
    Cover by gaborcsigas.