Sherlock Holmes – Vanishing Man #4 out now

The mystery of Michael Williams comes to its shocking conclusion. But will Holmes and Watson survive the deep running conspiracy gripping London from its very core? And even if they do, are they safe from the machinations of their greatest foe, the all-too-clever Moriarty?

Yes, the final issue is here at last, and our third Dynamite Holmes mystery is brought to its conclusion. We hope we’ve kept you guessing for a few months and that the twists of this fourth part are as enjoyable for you reading them as they were four us writing them. Julius Ohta has been an absolute pleasure to work with (as have Ellie Wright, and as always Simon Bowland) and we would love to do something with him again.

We would also love to do more Holmes so, if you’ve enjoyed this series, please let Dynamite know, and let everyone you think might possibly be interested know too. Spread the word.

We’re informed that there’s a collected edition of the series due out in December, so an ideal addition to everyone’s Christmas list.

You can read a five page preview of #4 at but BEWARE OF MASSIVE SPOILERS!!!

You can also order the issue via the same link.

Sherlock Holmes – Vanishing Man #3 out now

Holmes inches closer to solving the disappearance of Michael Williams, but it also brings him closer to danger! Meanwhile, Moriarty’s cunning scheme goes deeper than anyone anticipated, including the neighborhood boy caught in his clutches!

You can read a five page preview at where you can also download a digital copy right now.

Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man #2 OUT NOW


Cover: John Cassaday
Writer: Leah Moore, John Reppion
Art: Julius Ohta
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Publication Date: June 2018

Holmes and Watson continue their search for Michael Williams, only to discover they are not the only people doing so. Are the mysterious figures trailing the detectives responsible for Michael’s disappearance? Meanwhile, Moriarty’s reappearance puts someone close to the sleuths in mortal danger!

You can find a five page preview of #2 on the Dynamite Entertainment website.


Six years after their last Sherlock Holmes mystery series, Moore and Reppion’s version of The Great Detective is back in The Adventure of the Vanishing Man.

Michael Williams is a family man. A reliable man at both work and home. When he disappears, there are no clues left behind. Now, it is up to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to find out what happened to him and what danger may be lurking around every corner, in the case of The Vanishing Man!”

Julius Ohtar is the fantastic artist, Ellie Wright delivering stunning colours, the ever dependable Simon Bowland on letters, covers by Eisner winners John Cassaday and José Villarrubia! What’s not to love?

There’s a five page preview over on the Dynamite Entertainment website where you can also order copies, or get a digital copy right now. Otherwise, please support your local comic shop, head over there and pick up a copy or three.


Cover by John Cassaday

Nine years after our first Holmes series arrived on comic shop shelves, we are very pleased to announce that we’re back at Dynamite Entertainment writing a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery; The Vanishing Man. Julius Ohta is doing a fantastic job bringing the fog, grime, and blood, of Victorian London to the page, and the always incredible John Cassaday returns to cover duties.

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Damsels Vol 1 out now

Once upon a time, the princesses of classic fairy tales banded together to save their kingdoms from war! Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest to foil the scheme! Who has stolen the identities of beloved heroines Rapunzel, Belle, and Talia, and plots to destroy all the Faerie races?

Damsels Vol 1 collects issues 1-8 of our gender-flipped Fairy Tale action fantasy series, originally published in 2012/13.

Read the first issue online for free on

Complete Alice in Wonderland paperback out now

I’m amazed when I think that it was six and a half years ago that the first issue of our Complete Alice series came out.

Dynamite Entertainment released a hardcover collected edition in 2010. Soleil also brought out a French language version Alice au Pays des Merveilles in two volumes, and Panini a Spanish language version Alicia en el País de las Maravillas. (There may even be other translations we don’t know about, so if you know of any please do let us know.)


Available for the first time in softcover! Join Alice on her whimsical journey down the rabbit hole. For the first time ever, Lewis Carroll’s beloved masterpiece is faithfully adapted and illustrated in its entirety, including the long-lost chapter, “The Wasp in a Wig!” From her initial meeting with the White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to her final dinner party with the entire (and outrageous) Through the Looking Glass cast, every moment of Alice’s adventures in that astonishing landscape is captured in gorgeous detail. With old favourites like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter joined now by a long-forgotten Carroll creation, The Wasp, in one of the book’s latter chapters, children and adults alike can rediscover the complete Alice tale and fall in love with Wonderland all over again!

Order from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Amazon UK (or lots of other places)

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Leah interviewed for Bleeding Cool about Swords of Sorrow

SoSDejahIrene01-Cov-A-AnacletoBB: For all her flaunted sexuality, Dejah Thoris of Mars has always been, at least in the modern comics, a strong and quite capable woman. What threat is she facing on Barsoom as our story begins here?

LH: Dejah Thoris is only flaunting her sexuality by Earth or Jasoomian standards. On Barsoom she is wearing the equivalent of jeans and a t-shirt.

Burroughs took the idea of a white man turning up in some remote village and being utterly amazed to see the women’s breasts out in the fresh air, and transposed it into the fantasy pulp world. It’s a classic trope, where the young dashing man is sent to a planet where the natives only wear cling film and demand lessons in Earth Kissing.

Read the full interview at

Swords of Sorrow checklist

As I’m sure you know by now, Leah is writing a 3 issue mini series as part of Dyanmite Entertainment/Gail Simone’s Swords of Sorrow crossover event.
Here’s a full list of all the issues in the series and when they’ll be published.

Swords of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler #1 solicit


Cover: Jay Anacleto Writer: Leah Moore Art: Francesco Manna

A team-up set up by SWORDS OF SORROW’s Gail Simone, featuring the writer that she hand-picked: Leah Moore! Irene Adler has been many things in her young life, a fugitive, a master of disguise and a femme fatale, but even she is surprised to find herself made bounty hunter, tracking savage foes across the grimy streets of London. In a far off world, defending Barsoom against an influx of trespassers, Princess Dejah Thoris is ready to put the guilty to her sword. Now, the world-colliding events of SWORDS OF SORROW have brought these dangerous women together… and the fate of planets hang in the balance!

Full SoS month 2 solicitations and covers at Bleeding Cool

Swords of Sorrow announced


From Bleeding Cool:

Dynamite is putting together a new crossover event that will kick off this May. But this even is unique in that all of the writers involved are women and it focuses on the publishers roster of female characters regardless of genre.

The event start with a core series called Swords of Sorrow by Gail Simone (Batgirl) and then there will be tie-in titles Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood miniseries by Nanch A. Collins (Vampirella), Swords of Sorrow: Chaos Special by Mairghread Scott (Transformers: Winblade) and the Swords of Sorrow: Masquerade / Kato Special by G. Willow Wilson (Ms Marvel) and Erica Schultz (M3). And as the event continues there will be books by Leah Moore, Marguerite Bennett, Emma Beeby and Mikki Kendall.

Gail Simone had this to say about the project she’s been planning since July:

“Here’s the thing: I love pulp adventure, always have. But as male-dominated as comics have often been, the pulp adventure world seems to be even more so.  Most of the big name stars and creators are dudes, and that’s fine, it’s great. But it hit me… what if that wasn’t the case? What if adventure pulps had also been written with female readers in mind, and awesome female characters in the spotlight? That’s the scenario we are imagining, and it’s just been a blast. The key players are Red Sonja, Vampirella, and Dejah Thoris, but it’s such an epic-spanning, world-hopping event that we also have Kato, Jungle Girl, Lady Rawhide, Jennifer Blood, and so many more. It’s the crossover I dreamed of when I was a kid, and now we get to make it happen.”

The core Swords of Sorrow series that Simone is writing will be drawn by Sergio Davila and feature Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, Kato (from filmmaker Kevin Smith’s reboot of The Green Hornet), Jungle Girl and more.

Simone is also the architect for the event and has this to add:

“We got the best writers around, gave them a fun combination of characters and just let them go wild.  “It’s creators like G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Nancy A. Collins and more, with book titles like Vampirella vs. Jennifer Blood, Kato vs. Masquerade, and Red Sonja vs. Jungle Girl. More about these tag teams will be coming soon, but it’s just a ridiculous amount of fun to set these characters against each other, and I’m very proud of the astounding team of writers, who I hand-picked from among the very best of new female adventure writers. There’s never been a crossover event in comics like this, ever.”

Swords of Sorrow #1 features a variety of cover editions, including a Main cover by J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl); variants by Jenny Frison, Emanuela Lupacchino; a subscription edition by Robert Hack; and incentive editions by Joyce Chin, Tula Lotay, Nei Ruffino and Cedric Poulat.  Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood #1 and the Swords of Sorrow: Masquerade / Kato special both feature covers by Billy Tan, while the Swords of Sorrow: Chaos special spotlights Joyce Chin.

The May Swords of Sorrow releases will be in the March 2015 Previews catalog.

Buy stuff: Dynamite Digital, Legends of Red Sonja, and Cthulhu Lives

Dynamite Entertainment have launched their own DRM free digital store.

They’re offering 10 Dynamite #1’s at .10 cents each to help celebrate their 10th Anniversary and our very own Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1 is one of them.

On top of all that they’ll be donating 10% of all sales made in the first month to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Go to

Legends of Red Sonja

Speaking of Dynamite, we completely failed to point out that the collected edition of Legends of Red Sonja is now available to buy from all good, brick and mortar, comic and book shops. Or you could use these Amazon links:

The book features a story written by Leah and drawn by Tula Lotay (of Warren Ellis’ Supreme Blue Rose fame), as well as a host of other incredible writers and artists including Gail Simone, Rhianna Pratchett, Nicola Scott, and Carla Speed McNeil.

Cthulhu Lives updated coverFinally, although it isn’t actually due out officially until next week, Ghostwoods Books’ Cthulhu Lives! anthology (which I, John, have a story in) is already available on the Amazons via these links:

E-editions will be available on the 25th (not just via Amazon) and the book should be in honest to goodness, walk in a touch stuff, book shops around the same time.

The anthology has already received some nice reviews and hopefully that will continue. I’m already about as happy as I could be to be honest because S. T. Joshi complimented me on my contribution.

Dynamite 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle

Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

Pay what you want for $258 worth of awesome comics (includes the complete series of The Trial of Sherlock Holmes)
Support three great charities: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders and Make-A-Wish.

Go to


Read The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1 FREE

[via bleedingcool]

Issue #1 begins the “Trial of Sherlock Holmes” which presents the great detective with an all-too personal quandary and explores the nature of the man and his world with a mix of refined ambiance, carefully crafted mystery and chilling suspense!

Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with reverence and a modern edge, artist Aaron Campbell completes the Victorian mood under the striking and iconic John Cassaday covers.

Series: Sherlock Holmes (see also Vol 2. – The Liverpool Demon)
Writers: Moore & Reppion
Aaron Campbell (interiors), John Cassaday (covers)
November 2009
Hardcover: 168 pages
ISBN-10: 1606900587
ISBN-13: 978-1606900581

Order now from

Order now from

For more information or to pick up the trade, go to the Dynamite website.

Damsels #13 – the final issue – preview pages

There is only one story. The Story is The Law, is The Word, is Everything. Its rules cannot be broken. The final chapter, the Ever After, is here. Curses and hearts will be broken. Kingdoms will fall. Damsels ends.

Order now direct from Dynamite Entertainment

Download from ComiXology

Dynamite 10th Anniversary 50% off sale on ComiXology

Dynamite ComiXology sale

To celebrate Dynamite Entertainment’s 10th Anniversary all of their titles are half price on ComiXology until the 13th of February 2014.

All you have to do is use the code DYNAMITE when you checkout.

That means that, as well as titles like The BoysRed Sonja, and Army of Darkness,  loads and loads of Moore & Reppion series are 50% off for the next 48 hours:

Damsels and Damsels – Giant Killer

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes – The Liverpool Demon

The Complete Dracula

The Complete Alice in Wonderland

Raise the Dead and Raise the Dead II

The Darkness Vs. Eva, Daughter of Dracula

Don’t forget to  use the code DYNAMITE when you checkout.

Damsels #12 out today (with preview pages)

The penultimate issue of Damsels is out today.

As her sister witch-queens squabble, the loathsome Carabosse’s quest for beauty sets her on the trail of the fairest damsel in the land. Meanwhile, deep beneath the ocean, the ancient and heartless Sea-Witch’s conceit renders her blind to the threat she has welcomed into her midst. And in the lush green foothills nearby, Rapa and her noble band suffer the bitter taste of heroism.

Preview pages (and order direct) from Dynamite Entertainment

Download now from ComiXology