Damsels Vol 1 out now

Once upon a time, the princesses of classic fairy tales banded together to save their kingdoms from war! Rapa, a redheaded girl with a fiery spirit and lost memories, discovers a conspiracy that threatens the peace among all the mythical creatures of the land. Joined by the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince, and Red Riding Hood, Rapa journeys through fabled forests and legendary realms on a quest to foil the scheme! Who has stolen the identities of beloved heroines Rapunzel, Belle, and Talia, and plots to destroy all the Faerie races?

Damsels Vol 1 collects issues 1-8 of our gender-flipped Fairy Tale action fantasy series, originally published in 2012/13.

Read the first issue online for free on newsarama.com

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So, please do check out groupees.com/dynamite4 and we hope you enjoy what you get.

Guest post: Aneke says farewell to Damsels

With the final issue of Damsels out today, we thought it would be good to give the last word to the amazingly talented artist Aneke who it has been a genuine pleasure to work with on the series.


Rapa by Aneke

When I first read the script of Damsels I was surprised by the freshness of the story. The main characters were all beautiful women, each distinct from the other but all trying to rise above their personal difficulties, struggling to recover their lives and finding their own paths. I was captivated by the appearance of each one, Rapa, a red dreadlocks-hair full of tattoos (absolutely loved that), the little mermaid, small, not very shining and shy, the magnificent Talia, beautifully plump and sexy, Red, the  astonishing fearless wolf-hunter…..  I also won´t forget the lovely malevolent witches, as we all know, light shines stronger when in darkness, and the evil is there to confront the good, so, yeah, it´s part of life, too! But this girls, they all have this natural attractive essence that really got me going.

This was what made me love them all, that they were real women, different shapes, different measures, different beauty. Same bad-ass attitude 😉

And something I cannot omit is the fact that everything John and Leah wrote were so wonderfully included in this fantasy world I am totally in love with. Every time they got me references on films, books, Illustrations, artists and stories that have defined my entire view of Art. We share a special love for many, many works and tales and I think it´s something that can be noticed.

 Something, I gotta say, that has smoothed the entire route of drawing a whole series, which, at first seemed quite a long and difficult journey, due to the fact that it was my first one. But I gotta say I’m simply happy with the results, and I hope it can be perceived in the tale of these marvellous Damsels.

It´s been fantastic having been part of this gorgeous project and worked with this lovely couple of talented writers.

Thank you, Leah and John.  I truly enjoyed the party, and the fairies!

Hope you fellas love this precious story, as I do.
Just keep dreaming!



Damsels #13 – the final issue – preview pages

There is only one story. The Story is The Law, is The Word, is Everything. Its rules cannot be broken. The final chapter, the Ever After, is here. Curses and hearts will be broken. Kingdoms will fall. Damsels ends.

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Damsels #12 out today (with preview pages)

The penultimate issue of Damsels is out today.

As her sister witch-queens squabble, the loathsome Carabosse’s quest for beauty sets her on the trail of the fairest damsel in the land. Meanwhile, deep beneath the ocean, the ancient and heartless Sea-Witch’s conceit renders her blind to the threat she has welcomed into her midst. And in the lush green foothills nearby, Rapa and her noble band suffer the bitter taste of heroism.

Preview pages (and order direct) from Dynamite Entertainment

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Damsels 11 Preview Pages

Released: Wed, November 27th, 2013.

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Aided by the magic of the Green Knight, the depleted and exhausted compact armies galumph their way through the tulgy mire-lands towards the next step of their journey. Queen Talia has concerns about the King’s plans, but soon her own judgment is called into question. Meanwhile, Rapa, Heinrich and their band of merry women find themselves the unwitting folk-heroes of a backwoods hamlet.

 Previews via comicbookresources.com

Damsels #10 preview pages

As the Compact armies battle their way through an uncharted, primeval swamp, Rapa and Heinrich learn more about their uninvited travelling companions, the unlikely siblings Snežana and Ash. Everyone has a story to tell, and some dark secrets are best kept quiet!

Damsels #10 is released in print and digital on Wednesday the 9th of October.

Oh, and there’s a pretty big nod there on pages 2 and 3 to Harry Clarke’s incredible 1919 illustration for Poe’s Descent into the Maelstrom. Obviously.


Gustave Doré’s David & Goliath (1866)

Gustave Doré (1832 – 1883) was a French artist, illustrator and sculptor who worked primarily with wood engraving.

He was a phenomenal talent producing incredibly detailed engravings of the slums of Victorian London, illustrations for Poe’s The Raven,  Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Milton’s Paradise Lost among many other works.

Gustave Doré - David and Goliath (1866)

I don’t know when I first saw Doré’s David and Goliath from his illustrated English Bible of 1866, but it can’t have been more than a couple of years ago. It’s an image that has lodged very firmly in my brain. It’s an astounding, awe inspiring illustration. It is epic. It is just about the most Heavy Metal thing I have ever seen.

I may have already mentioned *ahem* once or twice recently that we have a new book out today: Damsels: Giant Killer a stand alone, 32 page one-shot (previews here). Doré’s 147 year old engraving was a big  inspiration for the one-shot; we knew that if we could capture just a fraction of the atmosphere of that image, then we’d have something that would deliver on a gigantic scale. I’m very happy to say, I think we (Leah, Dietrich Smith, Alex Guimaraes, Chrissie Zullo, Rob Steen and myself) have pulled it off.

Damsels – Giant Killer one-shot coming this week

Coming this Wednesday (28th of August): Damsels – Giant Killer a 32 page, stand alone, one-shot chocked full of kick ass monster slaying goodness.

Queen Jacquelyn of Villeneuve is a benevolent ruler, a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a woman with a monstrous score to settle.

Set more than a century before the events of Damsels, this gigantic one-shot tells the tale of one woman’s quest for ultimate revenge.

By sword, or by sorcery, all shall be slain.

With cover art by Chrissie Zullo, interior art by Dietrich Smith (Army of Darkness, The Next).

You do not need to be following Damsels thus far to read the one-shot, although it fills in a little bit of back-story if you are. Indeed, we’re really hoping that a lot of non Damsels readers will pick the book up (so, please do spread the word!). It was a lot of fun to write and we’re really, really happy with how the whole thing came out.

So, please get down to your local comic shop this Wednesday and pick up a copy or two. 😉

Damsels #9 preview pages and a bit of news

Damsels09-Cov-Aneke-73513This week (Wed, August 7th, 2013) the second arc of our gender-flipped Fairy Tale Adventure series, Damsels begins.

The next arc of Damsels begins! Weeks have passed since the defeat of the Army of Fear. Nevertheless, things are not as they were before The Witches Three cast their wicked spells. Is a return to the old ways possible, or has the Folk Tale world and people changed forever?

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This issue we have Chris Bolson (Army of Darkness, Red Sonja) as our guest artist, with Aneke returning for #10.

Sadly, Damsels will now be coming to an end with issue #13  rather than #16 as originally intended.Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed the series so far and written so many nice things about it. Damsels is the longest series we’ve written to date and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Do not despair just yet though Damsels fans, there are still five more issues (including #9) yet to come, plus an oversized one-shot later this month.

If you have previously pre-ordered the TPB of Damsels from Amazon or elsewhere, please be aware that the book will now collect issues 1-13 (rather that 1-8), so will not be out for some time. You will almost certainly have to re-pre-order, I’m afraid. Apologies.

Here’s an idea though, why not save yourself a wait and try to track down the issues so far? Ask at your Local Comic Shop, check eBay, get them from Dynamite Entertainment, or digitally via ComiXology? Then you can follow #9 – #13 as they’re released.

The truth is, we would have got to write all 16 issues as intended if more people had picked up the monthlies. That’s just the way comics work, sadly. Sometimes “waiting for the trade” can kill a book. Sad but true.

Damsels #8 preview pages

Damsels08-Cov-LinsnerThe final issue of the first arc of Damsels is released tomorrow.


The kingdom is being overrun, and the Enchanted Forest is under attack. Will Queen Belle finally win her king’s heart? Can Rapa break the enchantments over herself and the entire realm? Or will the Chamber of Dreams become the Chamber of Nightmares?

Coming in August: Damsels – Giant Killer one-shot

GiantKillerCovZulloQueen Jacquelyn of Villeneuve is a benevolent ruler, a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a woman with a monstrous score to settle.

Set more than a century before the events of Damsels, this gigantic one-shot tells the tale of one woman’s quest for ultimate revenge.

By sword, or by sorcery, all shall be slain.

Cover by Chrissie Zullo, interior art by Dietrich Smith.

On sale August 28th, 2013.

Order now from Dynamite Entertainment.