“What’s next for Spirits of Place?” is a question that was asked a lot after the event of the same name took place back in April. Now, at last, that question can be answered. Next comes Spirits of Place the book (formerly AKA #projectLOCI). Published by Daily Grail Publishing, SpiritsRead More →

#projectLOCI is something myself and Greg Taylor at Daily Grail have been working on for seven months now. It’s a collection of writings by twelve incredible authors: Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir – Vajra Chandrasekera – Maria J. Pérez Cuervo – Warren Ellis – Alan Moore – Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Kristine Ong MuslimRead More →

Geoff Holder is a self described “Author, Scriptwriter, Proofreader, Curmudgeonly Old Git”. He’s the writer of Zombies from History, 101 Things to do with a Stone Circle, and Poltergeist Over Scotland among many, many others. We met Geoff a couple of years back at the very fun and very interestingRead More →

Written in the early years of the 21st century, when the author (Steve Moore) was engaged in dream-explorations and mystical practices centred on the Greek moon-goddess Selene, Somnium is an intensely personal and highly-embroidered fictional tapestry that weaves together numerous historical and stylistic variations on the enduring myth of SeleneRead More →

here are a handful of books (and booklets) lying around the house at the moment – some have been knocking about for a little while, others newly arrived – which we really should have blogged about by now. I keep spotting them and making a mental note to write justRead More →

After the appreciative reception afforded to its premier edition, lauded throughout the gutters of the world, the second issue of Alan Moore’s mystifying new underground publication DODGEM LOGIC is available in early February. Delivering 52 pages of full-colour solid content thanks to its flinty-eyed Puritan policy of no advertisements, all for a frankly laughable £2.50, this plucky bi-monthly periodical is stuffed to the gills with wisdom and wonderment…Read More →