Sherlock Holmes – Vanishing Man #4 out now

The mystery of Michael Williams comes to its shocking conclusion. But will Holmes and Watson survive the deep running conspiracy gripping London from its very core? And even if they do, are they safe from the machinations of their greatest foe, the all-too-clever Moriarty?

Yes, the final issue is here at last, and our third Dynamite Holmes mystery is brought to its conclusion. We hope we’ve kept you guessing for a few months and that the twists of this fourth part are as enjoyable for you reading them as they were four us writing them. Julius Ohta has been an absolute pleasure to work with (as have Ellie Wright, and as always Simon Bowland) and we would love to do something with him again.

We would also love to do more Holmes so, if you’ve enjoyed this series, please let Dynamite know, and let everyone you think might possibly be interested know too. Spread the word.

We’re informed that there’s a collected edition of the series due out in December, so an ideal addition to everyone’s Christmas list.

You can read a five page preview of #4 at but BEWARE OF MASSIVE SPOILERS!!!

You can also order the issue via the same link.

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