Features by Leah Moore [link]

sleeping shamanThe Sleeping Shaman

Music reviews by John Reppion [link]

warren ellis made me do itWarren Ellis

Guestpost (May 2013) – “Next Year’s Ghost” by John Reppion [link]

Guest Informant (March 2012) – “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” by Leah Moore [link]

Guest Informant (Sept 2011) – “Casting a Circle”  by John Reppion [link]


Vol 6 (November 2011)“The Calderstones of Liverpool” by John Reppion

Vol 4 (September 2009) – “The Underground Empire of Joseph Williamson” [revised] by John Reppion

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SPM #6SteamPunk Magazine

#6 (September 2009) – “Baritsu, Bartitsu, and the Ju-Jutsuffragettes” by John Reppion

fortean-times-238Fortean Times

#297 (January 2013) – “British Ash Tree Folklore” by John Reppion

#238 (June 2008) – “Spring-heeled Jack in Liverpool” by John Reppion

#230 (November 2007) – “Giant Bradley Day” by John Reppion

#187 (August 2004) – “The Childe Of Hale” by John Reppion [link]

Paranormal Magazine #27Paranormal Magazine

#27 (July 2008) – “A Ghoulish Guide to Haunted Liverpool” by John  Reppion





anmomalist-13The Anomalist

#13  (October 2007) – “The Great Yarmouth Bridge Disaster of 1845″ by John Reppion

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saj3Strange Attractor Journal

#3 (November 2006) – “The Underground Empire of Joseph Williamson” by John Reppion

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puny-eartling-cover-by-leah-moorePuny Earthling

#1 (August 2006) – “Vodu, Tetrodotoxin, and the Weekly World News: The Truth About Zombies” by John Reppion





tein_cover_3The End is Nigh

#3 Watch The Skies (May 2006) – “It’s Raining Them!” by John Reppion

Order now from End is Nigh

#2 War (November 2005) – “The Gods Of War” and “Megiddo” by John Reppion

Download for free from End is Nigh (PDF)

#1  Zombies (May 2005) – “Theological Dead End” by John Reppion

Revenant MagazineRevenant Magazine

“The Zombie in Folklore, Myth and Legend” by John Reppion

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