New poetry anthology #Woman: Remapping the Territory. Our Way.

#WOMAN: Remapping the Territory Our Way contains 50 poems and spoken word pieces by 16 female creatives from across the globe, including published works, repertoire pieces and new verses written especially for this book. It is the first in a series from Rita Osei and Michelle Olley, dealing specifically with the journey from child to #WOMAN.

Originally conceived by Osei in 2013, this anthology is a tribute to the ‘Bard of Stepney’, the late, spoken word activist, Gladys McGee, who introduced Rita to the work of female poets during a workshop at her school in the 1980’s. The poems in #WOMAN are arranged around three themes: BIRTH, GROWTH, and ADOLESCENCE, with chapter illustrations by artist and curator Kate Enters, founder of Art Can.

Birth, Growth and Adolescence seem to be both highly personal and universal themes. They make strong jumping off points for shedding light on an author’s lived experience. ‘Remapping the Territory Our Way’ is a reference to semanticist Alfred Korzybski’s famous saying, ‘The map is not the territory’ – suggesting consensus definitions of reality don’t always chime with our lived experience.

Poetry is one of the oldest and purest creative forms. It doesn’t require many tools – just a pen and paper or a keyboard. It can distil ideas and feelings into something powerful that stays with you, bubbling up when the time calls. It can make you laugh, express pain, illuminate, create empathy and speak truth to power. Poetry connects with people.

#WOMAN brings together a wide array of female voices and experience, including:

  • Ted Hughes award nominated poet Salena Godden

  • Graphic novel writer Leah Moore

  • Environmentalist and librettist Zoe Palmer

  • Artist and model Nana Ghana

  • Magazine editor-in-chief Spirit de la Mare

  • Artist and LGBTQ activist Stav B

  • Poet and community leader Basia Palka

  • Multi award-winning compose Hélène Muddiman

  • Musician, artist and performer Bishi

  • Filmmaker and actress Marianna Palka

  • Writer and editor Cajsa Landin

  • Poet, singer and performer Moksha

  • Actress, writer, vocal coach Cerris Morgan-Moyer

  • Singer, songwriter, voice artist Marijne van der Vlugt

A digital edition is available now via Amazon. Limited ed. hardcovers coming soon.

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