Health and work: an update

As you may already know, on Saturday the 10th of June Leah underwent emergency surgery to treat a subdural haematoma. A blood clot was safely removed from her brain and, after ten days recovering in hospital, she returned home.

Leah posted on her own (private) Facebook page on the 19th just to let friends and family know what had happened, and that she was okay. We received so many lovely messages, so many kind, generous people asking if there was any kind of help they could possibly give us. Then Andrew O’Neill went and set up a Just Giving page, the response to which has just been so far beyond anything we could have imagined I cannot adequately express our gratitude and astonishment. Thank you. Thank you all. So much.

Leah is recovering at an amazing rate, doing better and better each day, and we have no doubt she will recover fully in time. Exactly how much time that will take we can’t yet say, but it will be measured in months, not weeks, or days.

Meanwhile however, we have so many new things coming out that you probably won’t even notice our (short) absence. The 2000AD Sci-Fi special is out now, Sherlock Holmes: Vanishing Man #3 is due out next month (with #4 following in August), we have two new Storm Warning series starting very soon to the Megazine, we’ve got Conspiracy of Ravens coming out in October… loads of stuff which we really hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. We are so grateful to have family, friends, and fans like you.

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