Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 to be launched at Thought Bubble 2017 (plus artists announced)

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 will be launched at this weekend’s Thought Bubble Comic convention in Leeds.

Publishers Self Made Hero have publicly announced today the artists for this second volume on their news page and, very excitingly, two of them will be at the event this weekend.

The first story, Number 13, is drawn by George Kambadais who we previously worked with on one of our Vampire Diaries stories back in 2013. George can be found in the Leeds Town Hall Marquee, on table 61a.



Story number two, Count Magnus, is drawn by the gothiest of the goth Abigail Larson. (artwork not from this story)



The one many readers have been waiting for, Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to you, My Lad, is drawn by Al Davison.  (artwork not from this story).

Al will be in the ComiXology Millennium Square Marquee on table 30.


And finally, The Treasure of Abbott Thomas, is drawn by the incredible Meghan Hetrick. (artwork not from this story)



Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Vol 2 can be ordered now via the Self Made Hero website.

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