Fortean Times 319 featuring John’s piece on Glasgow’s Sighthill Stone Circle

FT 319

Haunted murder houses, Glasgow stone circle, Scottish Paranormal Festival, flying wizard, cat-faced woman, bowmen of Mars and lots more!

It’s always a pleasure to write for Fortean Times – the magazine that published my very first professional article back in the ye ancient mists of time. This month I’ve written about an urban stone circle in Glasgow, and it’s all thanks to Twitter. Back in February Scarfolk Council tweeted the following wonderful image:

In the short conversation that followed I became e-acquainted with the very lovely Zan Phee who gave me loads of info about the circle and put me in touch with her own equally wonderful mother, Almare Merille (who features in the article).

The story of the circle is a truly fascinating one and I’m amazed that more people (myself included) didn’t already know about it. Massive, massive thanks to Scarfolk and to Zan, both of whom I stupidly  neglected to thank in print. Sorry.

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