BHF Book of Horror Stories


The First BHF Book of Horrror StoriesThe First BHF Book of Horror Stories

Paperback: 208 pages
Download: 56913 KB
Published: 2006

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Nineteen stories from the users of the British Horror Films web forum to make your spine tingle and your hair stand on end! Gothic tales with a Victorian feel mix with modern meditations on terror in this tribute to the Pan Books Of Horror we all fondly remember from the 1960s and 70s.



Christopher Wood – Introduction

John Reppion – Anthony Clarke Is Sick
Wendall McKay – Brierley Day
Albie Swain – Beneath You
Christopher Wood – Edward
Wayne Mook – Family Man
Billy Turner – Fresh Souls
Neil Christopher – Surface Tension
James Brough – The Man
Billy Turner – The Hermit
Matt Bowdler – The Case Of The Fragrant Phantom
Paul Newman – Storm Dog
Billy Turner – Sidney
Neil Christopher – Secret Recipe
Christopher Wood – Spaghetti Head
James Stanger – Beggar’s Banquet
Daniel McGachey – They That Dwell In Dark Places
Billy Turner – The Calling Of The Sea
James Brough – Quiet Desperation
Wendall McKay – Hotel Nalade

Artwork – Paul Mudie, Lawrence Bailey, Paula Fay

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