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DLJust a couple of extra bits of info about Dodgem Logic #1:

Top Shelf Comix have confirmed that they will be distributing the magazine in the USA when it is available.

Forbidden Planet now have copies of #1 available for pre-order on their website which states that they should be in stock on Friday the 30th of October.

More news, including details of the Dodgem Logic website, to follow soon.

5 thoughts on “Dodgem Logic latest

  1. Excellent news for us Uncle Samites! Any idea of if Top Shelf will have the Northampton “eight page local section”, or will they be printing their own?

    1. @Darkglobe – I would imagine that the Northampton section will still be in there at this stage. I think it’s up to other people to get involved and start doing their own local sections in the future.

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