Darklore 10 available now


from DailyGrail.com:

I’m happy to announce that the tenth instalment of our Darklore anthology series covering hidden history, fringe science, the occult and general Forteana is now available for sale! You can pick up your copy from any number of online retailers through a simple search. But for simplicity’s sake, here are the links to Amazon for both the paperback, and the limited edition hardcover:


Limited Edition Hardcover

(Note: for some reason Amazon is sometimes defaulting the hardcover retail price to a third party seller with an inflated price – if you’re seeing this, be sure to click  on the “New from $39.95” beneath it and pick Amazon as the seller.)

The latest release runs the gamut on Grail topics, from Robert Schoch writing about the life of his great friend and co-researcher John Anthony West, to Eric Wargo writing on alchemy and out-of-body experiences, John Reppion exploring the occult side of modern music, Blair MacKenzie Blake introducing readers to Fortean trickster Gray Barker, Maria J Pérez Cuervo investigating the true history of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and much more!

Thanks for all your support of the Darklore series – it helps to fund this website, and also provides financial support for contributors so that they can continue researching and writing about these wonderful, strange topics.

I’m sure all readers will enjoy this latest instalment in the series. For those of you who remain unconvinced, I’ll publish some sample articles at the Darklore website (and here at TDG as well) in the coming week.


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