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Albion collection

Paperback: 144 pages
Published: 2006 (US) 2007 (UK)
Language English

UK ISBN-10: 1845763513
UK ISBN-13: 978-1845763510

US US ISBN-10: 1401209947
US ISBN-13: 978-1401209940

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“Britain never had any super-heroes. It had something much stranger: a collection of paragons, monsters, and clowns that vanished a quarter century ago, never to be seen again. Who were Robot Archie and the Steel Claw? Who was Captain Hurricane, or the Spider? And where have they been for 25 years? Find out in Albion!”Alan Moore 2005

For decades, children all across the British Isles thrilled to the comic-strip exploits of their favourite heroes – The Spider, The Steel Claw, Captain Hurricane and more. But the comics, and their heroes, disappeared… Now Danny, a young student, and Penny, who claims to be the daughter of a forgotten hero, are investigating the disappearances. Meanwhile, in an isolated castle, a group of jailers watch over “criminals” with peculiar pasts and bizarre names and abilities. Is it all real? Are Danny and Penny delusional? Who has all the answers? From the mind of British comics legend Alan Moore, and featuring a brand new introduction by Neil Gaiman, comes the return of the heroes that made Britain great!

Plotted by Alan Moore, written by Moore & Reppion, covers by Dave Gibbons, interiors by Shane Oakley ( and George Freeman.



  • A copy of Albion #4 (“Jus’ a Rascal”, featuring Charlie Peace on the cover) can be seen in the 2007 film Die Hard 4.0


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