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Tom Strong's Terrific Tales Book One Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales Book One

Paperback: 176 pages
Published: 2005

UK ISBN-10: 1845760158
UK ISBN-13: 978-1845760151

US ISBN-10: 140120029X
US ISBN-13: 978-1401200299

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Comics scriptwriting supremo Alan Moore leads the way with these fantastical tales of Millennium City’s finest ‘science hero’, Tom Strong. Born on a remote South Seas island, orphaned by his scientist parents and raised by a steam-powered robot butler, Tom Strong is both superhero and pioneer. In this first fantastic volume we witness, among other stories, the debut of sexy heroine Jonni Future and a tale of young Tom Strong! These are just some of the astounding adventures featured in this fabulous first volume of Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales, collected together into a fantastic edition which features artwork by the best of today’s comics artists!

Includes Leah Moore’s “King Solomon Pines” with artwork by Segio Aragones (

Tom Strong Book ThreeTom Strong Book Three

Paperback: 144 pages
Published: 2005

UK ISBN-10: 184023900X
UK ISBN-13: 978-1840239003

US ISBN-10: 1401202853
US ISBN-13: 978-1401202859

Hardcover: 192 pages
Published: 2004

UK ISBN-10: 1840236809
UK ISBN-13: 978-1840236804

US ISBN-10: 1401202829
US ISBN-13: 978-1401202828

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Best-selling comics writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, Batman: The Killing Joke) returns with the further adventures of his fantastical science hero, Tom Strong. When Tom finds himself the unexpected protector of the ruby Capstone of Eternity, he is suddenly propelled into battle up and down time itself, joining forces with old and young incarnations of himself to form the Family Strong – a blistering, bizarre team-up gathered to battle the evil that is Clan Saveen! This is just one of the many astounding adventures featured in this fabulous third volume of Tom Strong, featuring artwork by the cream of today’s comics artists, including Chris Sprouse, Karl Story and Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!).

Includes Leah Moore’s “Bad to the Bone” with art by Shawn McManus (

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