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Acclaimed comic book artist Jim Lee founded WildStorm Productions in 1992. WildStorm began as part of Image Comics, an independent comics collective created by Lee and five other popular artists who were best known for their Marvel Comics’ work.

In 1998 WildStorm was acquired by DC Comics, strengthening both WildStorm’s ability to expand its editorial goals and diversifying DC’s output. WildStorm continues to run under the editorial direction of founder Jim Lee, who has set industry records drawing BATMAN.

WildStorm’s publishing program also includes America’s Best Comics, which publishes titles created by renowned comics’ writer Alan Moore. These titles include the archetypal adventurer-hero TOM STRONG, the mythic heroine PROMETHEA, and the team of legendary Victorian heroes who make up THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.


Leah Moore began her writing career scripting stories for America’s Best Comics and to date Moore & Reppion have worked on two projects for WildStorm.

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