Deadeye © 2007 Leah Moore, John Reppion & Matt Timson.

In 2003 Moore & Reppion came up with the core concept of Deadeye – a retro styled sci-fi  pulp detective horror series. Some time in 2004/05 Matt Timson became involved and brought life (of a kind) to its world and characters.

Sadly, only two of Scott Struldbrug’s many, many cases were ever written, drawn and published – both in the pages of Image Comics’ Popgun.

We now present both stories here for your reading pleasure, 100% free of charge. Dig it.


“Old Habits Die Hard” (8 pages) – originally published in the Harvey Award winning Popgun Vol. 1, November 2007. Lettering by Thomas Mauer.

“Live Fast, Die Young, Be a Good Looking Corpse” (5 pages) – originally published in The Harvey Award nominated Popgun Vol. 2, July 2008. Lettering by Thomas Mauer.


Original Deadeye pitch

The year was 1958 and things were simple.  A gallon of milk cost $1, Dr. Seuss had children all across America enthralled, while Frankie “The Voice” Sinatra was busy battling a gyrating upstart named Elvis Presley for the Hit Parade top spot. Out in space, for the first time in history, man-made objects orbited the Earth.

When a satellite strayed from its course, re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after travelling some thirty seven million miles in three short months, the scientists were disappointed. They should have been terrified.

Fragments of the machine which survived the heat of re-entry were later found to be contaminated with some kind of germ or virus, the like of which had never been seen on Earth before. By that time it was already too late.

People went crazy, killing at random. The disease from space seemed to make them slow and clumsy but they were also vicious and hungry. They hunted in packs like wild animals.

In the years that followed those who survived the horrors of  ’58 did their best to rebuild their world.  Most were infected with the unearthly virus but found themselves immune to its more violent effects,  retaining their former personalities and free will. These survivors also learned that death was not what it used to be.


The year is 2018 and things are complicated. Advances in technology have made the impossible possible. Things that could only be dreamed of in 1958 are now a reality.

Sure, people might look a little different but some things never change.

Things like lust, betrayal and murder.


My name is Scott Struldbrug and I’m a private investigator. I work out of the city of Los Muertes and my cases… well, I take them where I find them.

I’ve been slugged in the head – and the heart – met unbelievably lovely women and believably unlovely men, shot and been shot at and found myself mixed up in all kinds of capers.

It’s all part of the job I guess but being a private eye in a world where most of your customers are already dead can be a real drag sometimes.


Deadeye is the story of Scott Struldbrug, a private investigator trying to scratch out a living in a retro-futuristic world where the laws of life and death are very different from our own.  Scotty is a PI with a nose for trouble and an eye for dames whose cases take him from the grimy back streets of Los Muertes to the glamorous Hollywood hills.

Guns, gangs, girls, hep-cats, hoods and hoochie-coochers – Deadeye has it all, and then some.


Deadeye © 2007 Leah Moore, John Reppion & Matt Timson.


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