Published: May 2008
Editors : Dave West and Colin Mathieson
204 pages, Price £8.50 ($15.99)

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Front Cover Art, Andy Bloor

Divinity, Existence and Toast, Art and Story by Benjamin Dickson, (7 pages)

ROBOT, Art by Andy Bloor, Story by Kieron Gillen, (5 pages)

The Creator, Art by Leonie O’Moore, Story by Tony Hitchman, (4 pages)

Tiger, Tiger, Art by Garry Brown, Story by Owen Johnson, (5 pages)

Enbies, Art by Iain Laurie, Story by Jon Ayre, (6 pages)

Karakuri, Art and Story by Crispian Woolford, Script by Ian Dowson, (5 pages)

Job Satisfaction, Art by Nolan Worthington, Story by Jon Ayre, (6 pages)

Survival of the Fittest, Art by Manoel Magalhães, Story by Phil Rigby, (7 pages)

Teruo, Art by Marleen Lowe, Story by Paul Bowles, (10 pages)

AutoLolita, Art by Jenika Ioffreda, Story by Andrew Cheverton, (4 pages)

The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo, Art by Andy Bloor, Story by Leah Moore and John Reppion, (6 pages)

Sacrifice, Art and Story by Dave West, (6 pages)

Little Red Robot in the Hood, Art and Story by James Gray, (3 pages)

Coalescence, Art and Story by Bridgeen Gillespie, (4 pages)

Robot Interviews, Art and Story by David Baillie, (8 pages)

Homemade Hero, Art and Story by Gary Crutchley, (6 pages)

Crime and Punishment in Switchertronia, Art by Stu Chapman, Story by Mark Clapham, (5 pages)

MY Robot, Art and Story by Paul Harrison-Davies, (6 pages)

Working Parts, Art and Story by Daniel Douglas Noble, (5 pages)

Sunny Morning, Art by Pablo Lizalde, Story by Valentin Lerena, (4 pages)

New Romantics, Art by Dan Denholt, Story by Michael Lindal Andersen, (5 pages)

Robot Heart, Art and Story by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, (3 pages)

Loose Ends, Art by Bryan Coyle, Story by Lee Robson, (4 pages)

Inhuman, Art by Roland Bird, Story by Darren Ellis, (7 pages)

Made Men, Art by Charley Spencer, Story by Jay Eales, (8 pages)

Robot Amnesty, Art and Story by Richy K. Chandler, (4 pages)

And Man Begat, Art by Stu.Art, Story by Chris Lynch, (8 pages)

Ned Ludd’s Museum, Art by Shaun Mooney, Story by Jim Thompson, (5 pages)

What is life ?, Art by Kevin Mullins, Story by Kieren Brown, (9 pages)

Kingdom, Art by Indio, Story by Dave West, (7 pages)

Friends for Life, Art and Story by Matt Boyce, (2 pages)

Null’n’Void, Art and Story by Colin Mathieson, (6 pages)


Robot Pin-up 1, Art by Garry Brown

Robot Pin-up 2, Art by Indio

Robot Pin-up 3, Art by James Gray

Robot Pin-up 4, Art by Matt Timson

Robot Pin-up 5, Art by Tim Keable

Robot Pin-up 6, Art by Lonny Chant

Robot Pin-up 7, Art by Mo Ali

Robot Pin-up 8, Art by Alec Brunson

Robot Pin-up 9, Art by Andy Bloor

Robot Pin-up 10, Art by Mark Buckingham – Complete

Robot Pin-up 11 Art by Alfie Gallagher – Complete

Robot Advert of the films of Paul Whittington ;

Back Cover Art, Frazer Irving

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