Published: May 2006
Editor: Dave West
48 Pages, Price: £3.00 ($5.00)

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Front cover art, Art by Shane Oakley

Lusca, Art by David Hitchcock, Story by Leah Moore and John Reppion

Dream a Little Dream of Me, Art and Story by Chris Doherty

Nosferatu, Art and Story by Tony Hitchman

Programming, Art and Story by Dave West

Purity or Nothing, Art by James McKay, Story by Benjamin Dickson

Darkness, Art by Dave West, Story by Jason Cobley

Maybe Tonight, Art by Andy Bloor, Story by Dave West

Minnesota Monster, Art by Leonie O’Moore, Story by Andy Smith

Neighbourhood Threat, Art and Story by Colin Mathieson

The Old Dark Creepily Eerie Haunted Mansion of Mystery, Art and Story by Chris Dingsdale

Meet Foxy, Art and Story by Michael McElwee

Monster Image, Art by Graeme Neil Reid

Back Cover Art, Art by Garen Ewing

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