Comics events in London this week

You people down south are just spoiled rotten aren’t you? Look at the fantastic comics related events you’ve got going on this week alone while we’re stuck up here mining coal and racing whippets and… oh I don’t even know.


MANHWA 100: A Centenary of Korean Comics

21 May – 24 June 2009

Events include…

Meet Korean Manhwa Artist Chul-Ho Park

Wednesday 20 May 6.30-7pm

Live Drawing Performance & Workshop with Manhwa Artist Chul-Ho Park

Thursday 21 May 2-3.30pm

Manhwa artist Chul-ho Park leads a live drawing workshop with London based journalist and leading authority on Asian comics Paul Gravett.

Manhwa Bang

Bang is the Korean word for room. It’s a social space where you can hang out with friends and read a wide variety of Korean Manhwa.

… plus film screenings and much more.

Visit for more info.


MCM ExpoLondon MCM Expo

23-24 May 2009
Excel London, E16 1XL

Ridiculously huge and exciting convention with guests ranging from Hollywood type folk such as Tony Curtis (yes, actually THE Tony Curtis) and Linda “Sarah Connor” Hamilton to comics A-listers such as Warren Ellis, Liam Sharp, Lew Stringer and dozens more.

Cosplay, games, anime… it’s all going on.  You’d be a fool to miss out!

More info at


Right, I’d best clean the ferrets out.

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