Comic Book Resources: Moore & Reppion Make Sherlock Spooky In “The Liverpool Demon”

For the majority of Sherlock Holmes’ life, it’s been… elementary. In the world of Holmes, logic always beats the supernatural. However, in Dynamite Entertainment’s latest series with the great detective, that maxim is turned on its ear thanks to returning writers Leah Moore and John Reppion. After kicking off the Dynamite take on the character, the pair are back this December with new artist Matt Triano for “Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon,” featuring covers by Francesco Francavilla.

In the five issue miniseries, Holmes and Dr. John Watson are expecting some downtime after a trying case, but when that mystery’s end leaves them in England’s “Second City” of Liverpool, they discover a supernatural threat that may be more than even the great Sherlock can understand. CBR News spoke with Moore and Reppion about their return to the Victorian era, as they described their attraction to Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal creation, how things that go bump in the night work better than one might expect in the context of “Holmes” and why Liverpool is the perfect setting for a down and dirty murder.

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