New poetry anthology #Woman: Remapping the Territory. Our Way.

#WOMAN: Remapping the Territory Our Way contains 50 poems and spoken word pieces by 16 female creatives from across the globe, including published works, repertoire pieces and new verses written especially for this book. It is the first in a series from Rita Osei and Michelle Olley, dealing specifically with the journey from child to #WOMAN.

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Cover by John Cassaday

Nine years after our first Holmes series arrived on comic shop shelves, we are very pleased to announce that we’re back at Dynamite Entertainment writing a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery; The Vanishing Man. Julius Ohta is doing a fantastic job bringing the fog, grime, and blood, of Victorian London to the page, and the always incredible John Cassaday returns to cover duties.

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Leah in Black Crown Quarterly #2

It’s the new Winter’s Edge of Comics Cool in 48 pages! Delight in regular continuing features like legit publications with literary pedigrees! It all begins with the 10-page regular lead feature Tales From the Black Crown Pub, starring Stacey the barmaid, by award-winner Rob Davis (The Motherless Oven). Recurring short features include Canonball Comics: an exquisite corpse that will not stay dead, Cud: Rich and Strange by co-writers/bandmates Will Potter and Carl Puttnam and artist Philip Bond, Swell Maps by music journalist/novelist Cathi Unsworth with illustrations by Cara McGee and a new Hey, Amateur!. Plus: Previews of your future favorite comics like Bandtwits by Jamie Coe, Punks Not Dead by David Barnett and Martin Simmonds, a Walking Ghost Tour of Canon Street by Tini Howard, interviews with your favorite comics celebrities and much, much more!

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John collaborating with ANTA/Antoni Maiovvi

So, I’m working on a prog rock synth sci-fi album with these incredible artists…

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New Daily Grail post: Alton Towers’ Wicker Man and Ye Olde English Theme Parks of Doom

The Wicker Man and The Beornen

Today (January 8th, 2018) UK theme park Alton Towers has made a somewhat unexpected announcement. Spring 2018 will see the opening of a new attraction at the Staffordshire based park: Wicker Man.

Wicker Man is the UK’s first new wooden rollercoaster experience in 21 years and comes with a globally unique twist – bringing together wood and fire for the very first time. A Wicker Man structure standing at 57.57ft (17.55m) tall – the height of a six-storey building – will dominate the very centre of Alton Towers Resort, appearing to burst into flames as the wooden track races three separate times through the structure.

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