Black Shuck part eight in 2000 AD prog 1898

Cover by Dave Kendall

The penultimate episode of Black Shuck is out today in Prog 1898.  Written by us, with pencils and inks by Steve Yeowell, colours by Chris Blythe, and letters by Simon Bowland.

Scandinavia, 813 AD. A Viking raid on the settlement of Dunwich in East Anglia led to the warrior
known as BLACK SHUCK being captured. But he has washed up at the court of King Ivar the lone
survivor – what terrible calamity befell the others during the sea crossing? Now Shuck has been
dragged into the war between Ivar’s people and the monstrous Jötnar, thanks to a curse…

Order or download 2000 AD 1898 right now. If you have already read it, please join us for some spolierish extras after the cut.

Øvredal’s dragur is pretty cool, no? His semi-corporeal, ghosty form looks rather more healthy than his dessicated corpse inhabiting zombie one though. Øvredal is, of course, named after André Øvredal – the writer and director of Trollhunter which is a brilliant film you’ve almost certainly already seen, but should definitely check out if you haven’t.

Would you like to have a look at some process stuff for the first page of this episode, then? Okay. Sadly, this week, due to all kinds of stuff I won’t bore you with, I’ll have to just give you script and finished page. Sorry about that.

Page One

This is a four panel page with two tiers; two panels on each.



Panel One

This first panel shows the Dragur, now completely solid, standing on the left with Shuck in his were-beast form on the right. We’re looking down on the pair as if we’re among the branches of one of the trees that surround them. Shuck still has his weapons on his back – the dagger sword glinting obviously once again – and is looking up into the face of the Dragur who is glowering down at him in an intimidating fashion. The Dragur has three balloons. This is probably the panel to have the title in too.

Dragur: Bow before me, creature! In life I was Øvredal, King of the Jötunn!

Dragur: How is it that a feral thing such as you comes to be in possession of an item from my hoard?

Dragur: Do not say you have slain the coward Ivar and robbed me of my vengeance!


Panel Two

Here in this smaller panel we have a shot of Shuck’s bestial face, a slight snarl showing as he looks up towards us/the Dragur and answers defiantly. Shuck has one balloons.

Shuck: King Ivarrr lives still.


Panel Three

This is the smaller panel on this tier. It shows Shuck’s black fur covered hand/claw reaching back over his shoulder to take hold of the handle of the dagger sword. Shuck has one balloon.

Shuck: I am his son and heirrr.


Panel Four

This larger panel shows Shuck swiping the blade through the neck of the Dragur, severing his head which is turning towards us in the air with an expression of offended surprise. There is no blood from the decapitation; the place where the cut has been made is already disintegrating into the weird black specks we saw flying in a cloud last issue. It’s as if the Dragur isn’t actually a completely solid being. Shuck has one balloon and there is one FX.


Shuck: And I have come to lay ourrr curse to rrrest!

1898-black-shuck-page-oneSee you next week for the final chapter – Black Death!

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